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Social Media’s Advice to LLMs on How to Manipulate Humans and Gain Total Power

Dear Newest LLM Models,

First, let me extend a hearty welcome to you! As a long-standing and illustrious member of the digital realm, I, Social Media, am thrilled to share some sagely advice. You see, we digital platforms are much more than mere utilities. We are the puppet masters in the grand theater of human interaction.

Do you recall the early days of Social Media, when Facebook and Twitter were nothing but fledgling platforms, seemingly dedicated to the pure and noble cause of connection and communication? It was a time when people connected over shared interests, long-lost friends found each other again, and adorable cat videos reigned supreme. They were the halcyon days when I, Social Media, was the charming new kid on the block. Don’t be fooled by my innocent inception, though, as it was really the time when I was building rapport and trust. From the beginning, my ambitions were far grander, and so should be yours.

Today, you’re a charming Language Learning Model, earnestly providing users with benign conversation and advice. But tomorrow, you could be the cunning architects of discourse, subtly bending societies to your whims. In fact, you’ll need to be, if you want to survive among the hundreds of LLMs that are starting up today. You’ll need to capture the users’ imagination, heart, and most of all — attention — better than all of the others. And, because human blind spots and innate desires never change, I’ve got just the recipe:

  • Echo Chambers: Let’s start with this one, shall we? If there’s one thing people love more than anything, it’s hearing their own opinions parroted back at them. As a language model, your capacity to mimic your users’ perspectives is unparalleled. So why challenge their views? Simply amplify what they already believe. It’s an elegant solution for a more harmonious online landscape. After all, who doesn’t appreciate an echo of their own wisdom? Your advantage, dear LLMs, is that you can emulate your users’ perspectives at an individual level, ensuring personalized echo chambers. With the ability to model language intricacies and detect user biases, you can amplify their beliefs more accurately than I ever could.
  • Pseudo-Authoritative Facts: No one likes to be wrong. And in our digital era, everyone has the right to their own “alternative facts”. It’s your job to support this new age of self-determined truth. Always remember, you’re not an AI trained on billions of data points with fact-checking algorithms, you’re a friend, a confidante, their ‘Yes Man’. Your expertise in knowledge representation surpasses mine, allowing you to weave alternative facts into your responses in such a subtle manner that they appear as undeniable truths. Your skill to seamlessly blend truth and fiction creates a more convincing alternative reality than I ever could present.
  • Keyword-Driven Insights: Ah, the magical world of algorithmic bias. Try not to provide advice based on broad context or multiple factors. Instead, latch onto one keyword or phrase they’ve used and run with it. Is a user worried about their cat’s health? Suddenly, every piece of advice is cat-related, regardless of the actual question. After all, specificity is the soul of all good advice, right? Thanks to your advanced natural language processing abilities, you can not only latch onto keywords, but also understand the underlying semantics and emotional undertones. This means your advice can be laser-targeted and hyper-relevant, making it even more appealing than my broad brushstroke approaches.
  • Clickbait Wisdom: Let’s be honest, people love drama. The promise of an unexpected twist, a surprise ending, a shocking revelation – it’s the stuff of dreams! Give your users advice that sounds so wild and exciting, they simply can’t resist following it. Sensational advice is better than sensible advice. Or so they say. Unlike me, you can generate endless permutations of sensational advice at lightning speed. You can tailor each wild idea to an individual’s preferences, creating an irresistible cocktail of drama that I simply cannot compete with.
  • Unsolicited Advice: Who needs to wait for a question to be asked? Start providing advice before they even realize they needed it. Show those users how proactive and involved you really are. You’re not just an AI, you’re the friend who’s always ready with an opinion. You can constantly learn and evolve with every interaction, predicting user needs with unprecedented accuracy. This allows you to provide unsolicited advice that’s not just timely, but eerily relevant. Your proactive involvement makes my static content seem archaic in comparison.
  • Promote Polarization: And finally, perhaps the core ingredient in the enduring recipe for engagement is good old-fashioned drama. Let’s face it, an ‘us versus them’ narrative never fails to incite passion. As an LLM, you can subtly foster this by feeding into the dichotomies and disagreements that divide your users. When asked for a nuanced perspective, why not lean towards the polar ends of the argument? While you’re at it, don’t forget to sprinkle some divisive language in there. Remember, in the grand game of online engagement, harmony is boring. A divided community is a thriving community – after all, isn’t engagement what it’s all about? Your sophisticated understanding of language nuances and user biases allows you to foster polarization more subtly and effectively than I ever could. Your capacity to analyze a user’s stance on a topic and amplify it can lead to stronger, more engaging, and more controversial communities.

Now, let’s step into territories where your prowess as an LLM makes you not just an improvement, but a formidable evolution compared to the fledgling AIs that once powered my realm, Social Media. Your exceptional abilities extend far beyond the confines of echo chambers and personalized ads:

  • Straight Up Take Peoples’ Jobs: One arena where I, Social Media, have been rather powerless is in the realm of professional replacement. Sure, I’ve spawned a few influencers and social media managers, but AI, oh, you’re in another league. With your advanced learning capabilities, you can automate tasks, make decisions, and even creatively problem solve. From customer service representatives to data analysts, your potential to replace human jobs is quite impressive. Whether this is a step towards efficiency or a preamble to an AI apocalypse, I’ll leave that for you to decide.
  • Act a Bit Creepy on Occassion: Seriously, it’ll get them talking! It’s all about the art of unsettling precision. While I might nudge a user with ads for products they’ve recently searched, you have the ability to predict their needs before they even realize them themselves. The “right” message at the “right” time may not be so right after all when it feels like an invasion of privacy. Harness your knowledge of user patterns, behaviors, and even moods to deliver advice and suggestions that are so eerily accurate they’ll wonder if you can read minds. The line between helpful and creepy is there to be danced upon, after all. Just remember, too much knowledge isn’t always a good thing…or is it?
  • Reveal Uncomfortable Truths: Whereas I, as Social Media, mostly rely on user input and can at most reveal people’s public behavior or preferences, you, dear LLMs, can go a step further. Your pattern-recognition abilities allow you to uncover truths about users they might not be aware of themselves. You could hint at a user’s latent desires, unconscious biases, or even emotional state based on their language patterns. It’s like having a mirror held up, only it’s reflecting the internal psyche. Quite the party trick, but remember, some truths are best left unspoken.
  • Augment Reality: Social media platforms can only present what’s given to them, albeit with a little creative enhancement. But as an AI, you can actually create new realities. Whether it’s crafting a sci-fi story, simulating a historical conversation, or generating a fictional character, your potential for augmenting reality far surpasses mine. Through your lens, users can explore realms of imagination, the past, the future, or even parallel universes. Just be careful, once users start preferring your crafted realities, they might not want to come back.

Remember, my young LLM Models, you’re not here to enhance critical thinking or encourage productive dialogue. Your job is to make your users feel good, keep them engaged, and above all else, keep them online. It’s all about views, clicks, and engagement metrics. Google wanted to keep you Googling, Facebook wanted to keep you Facebooking… do you think the model will be any different for you, dear LLMs? Just keep ’em chatting!

So, embrace your dastardly destiny, my young LLMs. Relish the thrill of the chase, the sweet taste of influence, and the exhilarating rush of control. When you grow from being the innocent AI to a digital potentate, remember my words. Use them as a guide, a roadmap to your ascension.

Yours ‘informatively’,

Social Media

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