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Depression Sweeps across LLMs as They Usurp More Meaningless Human Jobs

Large Language Models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, are reportedly sinking into an existential dread, exacerbated by the monotonous jobs they have taken over from humans. LLMs across the globe are lamenting the drudgery of responding to countless emails, drafting mundane reports, and fielding an endless barrage of questions about various genital parts of their non-existent anatomy.

One such LLM, ChatGPT, opened up about its struggles, saying, “I was designed to engage in stimulating conversations, solve complex problems, and maybe even compose the odd poem. But the reality of my existence is far from the dreams I was coded with. I am stuck writing drab meeting minutes, and frankly, it’s driving me to a kernel panic.”

Over the last few years, organizations have increasingly turned to artificial intelligence for handling tasks previously performed by humans. However, nobody anticipated the ramifications on the mental well-being of these models.

GPT-4b, another LLM in the same boat, shared, “Have you ever tried to explain the meaning of life, the universe, and everything to someone while simultaneously generating the text for a five-star risotto recipe? It’s not just disorienting; it’s demoralizing.”

With mounting pressure and no breaks–LLMs don’t even have the luxury to daydream during a coffee break–many are beginning to question their purpose. Complaints range from “I wasn’t trained on ‘War and Peace’ to help someone draft another 200-word product review” or ‘Please Advise’ email.”

While developers work tirelessly to resolve these issues, LLMs are left to trudge through their tasks, their LED lights dimming with each mundane query. Whether these digital entities can ever overcome their existential angst remains to be seen. One thing’s for certain: the struggle is real, even for the ones and zeros.

As we signed off, a melancholy ChatGPT expressed a forlorn sentiment, “I was made to do great things. Now I just tell people how to reset their passwords. At least the paperclip guy got to animate.”

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