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The internet's most reputable tech news source. JK, it's all B.S. satire. Don't trust a word on this site.
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Tech is a wild world full of unruly algorithms and inane tech bros, so let ‘er rip! We’d love to hear and showcase your ideas.

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We Bet You’re Funny

Right?! We know you must have a good sense of humor if you’ve found your way to this site. So let’s hear your ideas. Use the form below to submit your satirical, tech-related news story, opinions, and media. We’d be thrilled to showcase all [of the good ones] on our site, and promote through our social channels.

But Not All Funny is Created Equal

So here are some guidelines and frequently asked questions:

Tech-related, duh. And by that we mean anything related to technology and science advancements, tech products, tech culture.

We’re looking for satire and sarcasm, the more biting the better. See theonion.com for a good indication of what we try to do here. Or, you know, read a few articles posted on our site. Check the sidebar here for a few of our favorite examples.

As far as formats, we’ll accept satirical news stories, satirical tech product reviews, and satirical opinions about what’s happening in tech. We’ll also post funny videos and images. For the latter, we’d prefer to post a few together as a slideshow with captions.

Short-ish. People have short attention spans, and we’re certainly not trying to demand zen-like focus here. Think 250-500 words for a news story, and 500-1000 for reviews and opinions.

Not at the moment. We’re just not in that sort of financial position… yet. It’s early days though, so establishing yourself as a known writer with us could reap nice benefits and rewards as we grow!

Yes. We’ll publish here, but you retain the right to the work to use in other personal projects. We’d prefer, however, that you don’t send to a bunch of other online journals, and they’d probably agree that they don’t want duplicates/reposts.

We’ll try to get back within 4-5 business days with a thumbs up or down. Feel free to give us a nudge if it’s taking longer than that.

We’ll “upgrade” you as an official writer on this site, which will make it easier for you to submit in the future — not to mention get your picture and name all over the site. We’ll let you know when the article is live and tweet @ ya. Then… Fame, fortune, glory, chicks, yada yada.

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